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* Feb. 4, 11, 18, & 25

    9:30 am "Corinthians in Context"  led by Prof. Lynn Huber in the Bray Fellowship Hall

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Carrie McLean Taylor  Schorarship

  1. “Corinthians in Contest” is the topic of the next special educational series sponsored by our Board of Christian Education. As for the past two years, Dr. Lynn Huber will be our instructor for this four-week program. Dr. Huber is Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University.

    As Dr. Huber describes the class:

    Destroyed and then rebuilt and colonized by the Romans, the ancient city of Corinth was a city characterized by the diversity of its inhabitants, who came from throughout the Mediterranean world. Given this, it is not surprising that the apostle Paul was especially concerned with how the Christians in Corinth got along. In this four-week series we will explore the contours of Paul’s “Corinthian Correspondence” with attention to the ancient context of the city itself, emphasizing especially how Paul sought to unify the community that found itself in the midst of conflict.

    Week 1:          The City in Context: We will look at the history of the city and Paul’s time there, as described in Acts.

    Week 2:          The Contours of the Correspondence: We will address the occasion of Paul’s writing 1 and 2 Corinthians, including a discussion of whether 2 Corinthians was a composite letter.

    Week 3:         The Problem with Divisions: We will discuss Paul’s discussion of the division that undergird the community in Corinth, including disagreements over eating idol meet.

    Week 4:          Being the Body of Christ: We will examine how Paul “solves” the Corinthian problem by encouraging the community to embody Christ in anticipation of the resurrection.

    All sessions will be held in the Bray Fellowship Hall beginning promptly at 9:30 am each Sunday in February. And many thanks to the Board for organizing this program on Paul’s correspondence to the ancient church in Corinth. 



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